Marine Treaty Reinsurance

Our underwriting philosophy and risk appetite is underpinned by first class service and strong relationships with both brokers and clients.

Our team is well known for their technical ability and a track record as both a quote and lead market. While the account will initially comprise mainly follow lines, we expect the percentage of lead reinsurance to increase as the portfolio develops.

The portfolio is split between London Market (LMX) and Foreign Market (FMX) business with the latter focused on business in the USA, Scandinavia, Europe and Australasia. Target clients are those with adequate technical pricing and proven track records of profitability and underwriting excellence in their respective markets. Our preference is for excess of loss placements with appropriate attachment levels complemented by selected pro-rata opportunities in niche classes and/or with clear profit potential.


Our Energy Reinsurance account will be focused on upstream, REC/DEC-friendly exposures, written both on a standalone basis and within whole accounts. Over time, the account will have a greater focus on renewable energy as the industry transitions away from carbon fuels.

Political Violence & Terrorism

We will selectively underwrite Political Violence & Terrorism (PVT) Reinsurance within composite whole account treaties, favouring clients where we have a broader relationship across other lines of business.

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Marine Treaty Reinsurance
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